Industry Users

What We Provide:

NanoFabrication Facility:  Class 100, 1000 and 10,000 cleanroom space with thin film deposition and photolithographic patterning tools and expertise, to develop and prototype micromachined devices for nanophotonic, microfluidic, photovoltaic, biosensing, , micromechanical, and several other applications.

Surface Analysis and nano-Scale Imaging: Through the ASRC’s Imaging Suite and Surface Science Suite, we provide imaging and compositional analysis at multiple dimensional scales and in multiple imaging modes, including optical, x-ray, electron and ion.

Please contact us to discuss the application question you have, and then we will tell you whether our suite of complementary instruments can help you.  If not, we can attempt to refer you to other capabilities that are better suited to your application.

Our Approach:

We DON’T want your IP

We DO want to support your success

The CUNY ASRC does not make any claim on your intellectual property based solely on your use of our facility.  Effectively, you are merely renting equipment time in our facility. The ASRC NanoFab provides access to equipment, and ASRC NanoFab staff will provide only equipment instruction and general process support for common open processes.

Note, if you seek the academic expertise and process knowledge of CUNY faculty and grad students, you should consider the completely different mode described below.

Sponsored Research

Companies may establish a sponsored research program with any CUNY Faculty member to gain access to that faculty member’s (and his students’) unique expertise.  Here the intellectual center and drive for the project centers with the faculty member not with the sponsor. This is typically a longer term interaction that does not involve deliverables. These arrangements and the disposition of intellectual property are between the company and the faculty member. If you have an interest in perusing a sponsored research program, feel free to contact Dr. Jacob Trevino ( for more information and he can direct you to the most appropriate channel within CUNY.

Our Pricing

The CUNY ASRC NanoFab operates in a similar fee structure to other academic shared user facilities. Each tool has an hourly cost of use based on the full cost recovery for using that tool. This includes the cost of most supplies, maintenance, etc. Currently there is no extra charge for cleanroom usage. For detailed rates, please go to the fee structure page.

Our purpose is not to compete with companies providing prototyping or analytical services. Among the missions of the facility is to support New York and regional companies that need access to complementary tools/instruments and the associated customized infrastructure and support expertise. These are extraordinarily expensive in both up-front capital cost, and also in on-going operations cost. The facility is designed to support research in the educational environment, but also intended to give a leg-up to the small New York and regional companies competing nation- and world-wide. Our rates are comparable to other similar facilities and cover the costs of operation and maintenance.