Equipment Training (Equipment training schedules, tool owners and contacts)


ASRC NanoFab Dashboard (Real time equipment reservations, cancellations and usage)

Equipment Listing

Equipment List (A full listing of available equipment and tool capabilities)


All users of the AJA sputter deposition and AJA e-beam/thermal evaporators are required to sign-up for the NanoFab’s Slack site. Instructions on how to sign-up and utilize Slack can be found here: http://nanofab.asrc.cuny.edu/users/slack-instructions/.

Joining Slack Channels

The NanoFab Slack site utilizes channels #ebeamevaportor and #sputterdeposition for ongoing discussions between users on target and crucible changes. Once you have access to the NanoFab Slack page, you can join these channels with the following steps:

  • Click on CHANNELS on the top left of the NanoFab Slack site
  • This will open the channel browser, where you can search, sort, and explore all the channels.
  • To join a specific channel, click the Join Channel button and you will then have access to these topic specific channels.

E-Beam Evaporator Material Changes

Chamber venting and material changes will be carried out on Mondays and Thursdays from 5PM to 9PM by NanoFab Staff only.

  1. All material changes will be scheduled using the Google Sheets Doc.
  2. There are two tabs, one showing the currently installed materials (titled “Materials”) and one schedule the upcoming material changes (titled “Upcoming Changes”).
  3. Fill in the material you need on the appropriate pocket and chamber vent date. Remember to add your email, e.g. Ag (xxxx@email.edu).
  4. You can also add comments in the cell to the far right of the sheet.
  5. Please use the Slack Channel #ebeamevaportor for any discussions with fellow users and staff as needed, however the Upcoming Changes list will be the final scheduling tool.
  6. Never delete another users’ entry.
  7. Bring up any scheduling issues via the Slack channel.
  8. Cr, Ti and Au will always be kept in the chamber unless Staff have reason to change it out temporarily. This will be communicated if we do so.
  9. Please be considerate when filling out your slots. Staff always have the right to make changes (with sufficient notification) and will monitor any abuse of scheduling.

Sputter Target Changes

  1. A minimum of two days prior to possibly changing out a material, users must post their proposed material change in the appropriate NanoFab Slack channel. When posting your proposal, you must state the following:
    • The material you are putting in
    • The material you are proposing to take out
    • The length of time you will need the material to stay in the chamber
  2. A discussion amongst users can then be had through Slack to collaboratively plan the appropriate time and date of the change. We ask that you be considerate of other users’ needs and try to coordinate in such a way to minimize venting the chamber.
  3. When you change the materials at the tool you must update the Google Doc to reflect the changes. This can be done at the AJA deposition computer.
  4. The current list of installed targets and crucibles can be found here: Target/Crucibles. The link is also pinned on the Slack channels.


The Oxford Fl based tool runs in ICP and DRIE mode, but requires extensive cleaning to go from one mode to another. To assure high levels and cleanliness and more repeatable processing, etching is limited to either ICP or DRIE etching depending on the week. A schedule of the current and planned modes can be found here: ICP/DRIE Calendar


For select heavily used tools, users can sign-up for automated email updates when users either no-show for a reservation within the 15 minute window, cancel reservations or finish using the tool early. Our tool email list is hosted by Groups.io.

To sign-up for email notifications, click the subscribe link, enter your email address and click the confirmation button. When you click the button, Groups.io will send you a confirmation email. To complete registration you must reply to the email. You can always unsubscribe from notifications at any time by following instructions in the emails sent by Groups.io. Creating a free account with Groups.io allows for even more control of your subscriptions, however it is not required.

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