ASRC NanoFab staff strives to maintain and improve laboratory and user safety and efficiency.

Emergency Numbers

Medical Emergency                               911

Public Safety                                          212-650-6911

Aldo Orlando (ASRC Safety Officer)   212-413-3351

Safety Training

All lab members who plan on using the cleanroom must attend a safety training session and must pass the CUNY ASRC General Lab Safety Class prior to using equipment in the ASRC NanoFab. The next available training session can be found here. Additionally, new users must first study the NanoFab Access Training and Orientation document and pass the Online Quiz on NanoFab Access Training and Orientation.

MSDS Database

A complete list of chemicals used in the NanoFab can be found via the follow link (Chemical Resources), along with digital copies of MSDS sheets.

NanoFab Buddy System

During After-Hours, a Buddy system rule is in effect at all times inside the cleanroom. The User must ensure there is a willing and qualified second person according to the following guidelines:

  1. A Buddy must be a registered cleanroom user and must be located in the cleanroom at the time of duty.
  2. The Buddy is allowed to leave the cleanroom, but cannot leave the ASRC and must check on the user every 30 minutes either electronically (phone/text) or in person.
    Exception to Rule 2: If the user is working in any acid hood, the Buddy must be present in the cleanroom for the duration of the work.

Failure to abide by the After-Hours Policy will result in loss of ASRC NF access. Additionally, users are encouraged to exit the cleanroom for a break at least one time every 3 hours while working. This guideline will help with lab safety and improve your productivity.

Normal Operation Hours = 8:00am to 6:00pm weekdays, except CUNY staff holidays

After-Hours Operation = 6:00pm to 8:00am workdays, and all weekend and CUNY staff holiday hours.

Report a Safety Concern or Event

To document any Safety Concern or Event observed in the NanoFab, even if you have informed Staff.